CarWil Grizzlies, an integral part of the muck circuit, are designed and manufactured with longevity in mind. The CarWil Grizzlies meet a variety of application and sizing requirements and have easily replaceable components, minimizing maintenance down time. Designed and built to last, our rugged Grizzlies provide long lasting value to your operations.

  • Custom application design
  • High availability of asset
  • Field service friendly
  • Replaceable wear components
CarWil Grizzlie


Grizzlies are used in extreme environments and need to withstand various materials, loading conditions, and the damage caused by the hydraulic impact hammers. CarWil has improved the traditional design to relieve and reduce stresses and modified assembly design for ease of maintenance. CarWil grizzlies are designed and built to the highest quality standard, and can be modified for extreme conditions; they may also be heat treated to stress relieve the assembly. Wear bars can be added improve impact resistance or hardness to further extend the life of the grizzly. Designed and built mining tough, many customers choose CarWil grizzlies as the standard for their operations.

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