LHD Mechanical Components

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CarWil designs mechanical LHD components for quick replacement and durability. The mechanical components are specifically designed based on the customer’s wear and space requirements with many different options and styles available. The use of mechanical components greatly reduces the amount of spare buckets required to operate an LHD fleet due to the quick turnaround of the bucket rebuild. No welding, higher machine availability and lower maintenance costs lead to a winning combination.


Development of replaceable wear components was done in order to address several customer concerns. Focus was placed in high wear areas such as lips fronts, the basket area of the bucket as well as the spill guard assembly of the bucket. These components are produced independently from the back end of the bucket and are mechanically attached in a fraction of the time of a traditional weld repair. Enhanced designs have been developed to ease the logistical transportation of these critical components in the mine using their existing infrastructure. This mechanical concept allows the mine to quickly load the equipment for transportation eliminating slinging of components down the shaft and a complete change out of mechanical components can now be performed by maintenance personnel in less than 6 hours at the face.


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Replaceable Wear Components

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