Safety Statement


CarWil, LLC, promotes safety for all employees, contractors, subcontractors and others on or near our work sites in compliance with the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988. We are committed to the protection of our employees and property from accidental harm, damage, and loss.

To fulfill this commitment:

 We are full Browz compliant
 We provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment
 We provide proper training for all employees to enable everyone to work safely
 We comply with legal requirements and follow acceptable industrial practices
 Comply with all relevant legislation and industry standards
 Provide support and assistance to all employees
 Conduct investigations into all reported incidents
 Conduct regular reviews of the health and safety systems
 We strive to eliminate all foreseeable hazards that could cause fires, security losses, damage to property, and personal harm through injury or illness
 Carwil strives to go beyond compliance, and to achieve Best in Class Safety in all of our endeavors.

We deal with concerns about hazards in the workplace and other situations in accordance with good business practices and according to the requirements of the law. We recognize that Occupational Health and Safety concerns not just some, but all groups in our workplace. We therefore work actively to encourage input and comments from all groups in our workplace.

CarWil staff and employees work together to control accidental loss through a combination of good management and active employee involvement. Health and safety is the direct responsibility of all employees. Our management, including supervisors, comply with this company’s health and safety requirements as they apply to the design, operation, and maintenance of facilities and equipment.